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Rest in peace. RIP. Three words, three letters. Yet they strike fear and heartache to those who use them.

Today a very hard and cruel hoax was played on a friends facebook wall. A friend of his place a tribute and RIP on his wall. What happened then was that people followed suit. I was about to go into a meeting and so asked someone yo find out if it was true and what had happened. 

It turns out that it had started as a joke. Forgive me if I am wrong. But I am sure that jokes are meant to be funny. Since when is pretending someone is dead a joke??

You see it all the time on facebook about celebrities.  Why do it?  Its certainly isn’t funny. So it must be to be cruel.

RIP is something that grips attention as soon as you see it. I wonder how many people will click the link to this blog simply because of it’s title. Sadlt we will never know.

What I do know is that this has to stop.

Sorry not to finish on an positive today. Its hard as i have been upset, angry, relieved and appalled today. Although the big positive I suppose is that boy in question is actually alive and well thank goodness.

Goodnight all. Xx

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